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The first in a new series on everybody's favorite vampire, written and drawn especially for the readers of Eerie. the dank waters of San Francisco Bay provide the backdrop for the Count's evil doings.

Things in the Dark

three young boys enter a dark mysterious cemetery at night...but only two return...for somewhere deep within the winding catacombs beneath the cemetery's ground, lies death.


Tokyo City is the haunting grounds for the giant sea beast from the depths of the forgotten ocean... a beast that comes to land to kill, and cleanse the earth for the hatching of her eggs. And one they hatch?

Root of Evil

A chilling tale of the day the plants take over the Earth. First, they begin with the dregs of human society, then they move onwards, causing death where their branches twine...and finally, the world is...?

Planet of Werewolves

three astronauts crash-land on an unexplored planet populated by fearsome hungry werewolves who wait in hiding for the astronaut to leave the protection of their ship. A chiller!

The Giant

Dax The Warrior battles for the life of a girl against a cyclops and a master monster maker in a thrill designed to make you shake in your shoes. A terrifying trip into the unknown worlds of Swords and Sorcery!







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