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Enter the Dead-Thing

Aboard a clipper ship racing toward European waters, three stowaways, Dracula, a vampiric-witch, and a young woman of the night, meet the ultimate evil as they face a living corpse!


My name is Gabriel, angel of the Lord. I write these words as a warning! I find myself guilty for the tragedy of Lilith. If not for me she would not have been created. She would never have been the first woman.

Snake Man

Legend has it that a creature with strange ways roams the desert in an endless search. A creature seeking out snakes and desert reptiles with but one purpose in mind. To EAT their scaly corpses raw!

Message is the Medium

Abe Reich just murdered his wife! Abe;s new girlfriend wants him to spend the night with her in a seance parlor where they will bring back... a blood-thirsty ghost. Abe's wife!


A ray of light flashes from the sky, and a huge metal ship thunders into the peaceful swamplands of old Earth. And Dax, mightiest of all warriors, watches a lone figure emerge...Earth's first visitor from space!

Eerie's Delights!

Eerie writer Steve Skeates reveals the exciting story of his phenomenal rise to boy wonder of the comics' world. Plus, fanzine reviews and a new Eerie news column to kick of a new feature!

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