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The Mound

Insects attacked humans in all the cities on Earth. There was no place for anyone to hide. then a second menace appeared, one that was even more horrible!

Ri, Master of Men

All Earth has finally united! Now, a ruler was needed for the planet! Someone far superior than a mere human...someone not even Human at all!

When Wakes the Dreamer

San Francisco disappears. A plague that totally destroys everything, seems to exist, and there is no way to stop it. Only question: Should it be stopped?

A Blade for the Teacher

What happens when the greatest warrior is challenged by one of his students who also feels he;s the greatest warrior? You'll see in this one!


What we have here is a girl, an artist, and a bit of mayhem that has never been seen before. Add to that a touch of terror and you've got a story that will chill you.

Ecology of Death

The newest shocker short story about a devilish brat, and his equally mad mother as they go hunting and haunting with a demon on their back. Terrifies!

Mask Behind the Face!

"Why a comic book writer," asks the young girl he has brought to his apartment? Find out the chilling secret of the Moench-man.

The Witch

Dax The Warrior battles as a mindless Simeon against a sorceress.The stakes of this game are Dax's life and the Witch's youth. there can be only one victor!







Story Arcs

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