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The Mummy Stalks!

Terror from the unholy beyond awaits any who dare invade the tomb of Harat-Ankneb. From Eerie #5.

The Blood Fuit

Sail the quiet sea with Professor Breen and company but beware false tales of treasure. From Eerie #11.

It That Lurks!

Stagnant and not unlike a thing of evil, the pool shimmers, a spawn of lurking horror. From Eerie #7.

Dark Rider

Ride the savage winds of death with the cowboys as they try to outrace the freezing cold. From Eerie #8.

Life Species

Astronauts from the far-flung future journey to a barren Earth in search of clues. From Eerie #30.

The Lighthouse

A shrill tale of modern-day terror about the rock-bound inhabitants of Death! From Eerie #3.

Ogere's Castle

A classic chiller of days of yore. Costumed knights vie for the Queen of the Ogres. From Eerie #13.

Room With A View

A small town with its sleazy hotel. Just the setting for a man on the run. From Eerie #3.

Voodoo Drum

More than white, sandy beaches lay in store for the unwary. The tread of Zombies! From Eerie#10.

I am Dead, Egypt, Dead

Sinister is the mummy's tomb. Wrapped with that gauze is terror from beyond. From Eerie #35.

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