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Spirit of Thing

The heavily bundled figure reached the attic room, and began an unrelieved pounding and beating on the door!

Collector's Edition

Here was a man who looked beyond the grave, and the darkest unknown corners of the mind, in to hell itself!


When it was already too late, she looked to the branches above...and saw the unearthly creature dropping onto her!

Blood of The Werewolf

For a ling time I floated in limbo, distantly conscious of the nightmarish figure in black standing over me!

Second Chance

Deeper and deeper he plunged into the dark domain, pleading for it to end...until, to his sudden regret, it did!

Sorcery Lives

Garth paused in his assault as the wind brought a terrible sound...the leathery beat of unearthly wings!

City of Doom

Drooling and grunting with a fervor more of animals than men, the wild-eyed horde advanced menacingly.

Shrieking Man

Colbert's knees buckled as the screaming horror from the shadows slashed and clawed at his body!

The Fly

The killer had it all figured out! After plastic surgery, no one could possibly hope to identify him as the murderer!

Demon Sword

Not even Brace, until it was to late, guessed the path of horror the ancient sword would cut through the present!







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