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The Rook

What could be the importance of a meteor that crashed to earth two hundred-thousand years ago? Only that it will cause the en of the world in 2011! Restin Dane alone can forestall the catastrophe.


Chris and Mara had led the refugees to victory over the ratlike aliens...but couldn't quite figure out how to handle the venomous sea devils that surrounded them as they tried to cross the river!


A Soviet base in Pasadena? It sounded far-fetched, even to the Heroes Unlimited Agency! But Sergei was sent to the scene...and to the fight of his life! For guarding the installation was...the Tin Man

Zud Kamish

He was Shoka...the most wanted criminal in the Far Flung! But the last thing Zud wanted was to bring him to justice! He'd killed Zud's son...and Kamish would wreak his own personal brand of vengeance!


At last they lay before Haggarth the mystical Kanthar stones, source of the Amazons' incredible powers! But one obstacle remained...the fabled warrior women, who stood ready to fight to the death!

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