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The Rook

The plague-crazed villagers of Sarnath are closing in on Restin Dane, eager to burn him at the stake as a sorcerer! The noxious ooze from the New England graveyard is threatening to engulf the world in pure evil! Can matters be made worse? They can! A rip between the dimensions of time and space has formed...and an ageless demon, a faceless horror, is ready and waiting to slither through the void and trap Restin Dane forever in a perilous past!

Zud Kamis

Zud didn't care for the job of body-guarding Ambassador Kro, whose planet had started the bloody Zombie War...but for the bounty Inspector Torr offered, he'd've gladly looked after the Far Flung's head tax auditor! Not even the knowledge that the diplomat had indeed been targeted by the deadliest hitman in the system could have made Zud turn the job down! But he would have...had he known how their clash would horribly, irrevocably alter his life!


None of the handful of humans left aline in the murderous wake of the Evadors knew what they looked like...because metalloid monsters did their fighting for them1 But for Christopher Savage, the onslaught of razor-skinned creatures was not nearly so startling as the emblem one of the metalpods displayed on its chest! It bore the face of Valerie, the woman he'd last seen the day the rocketed into space together...more than one-thousand years before!


Traveling through a jungle teeming with savage Amazons, Haggarth's life is imperiled...but why should that surprise him? No matter what road he chooses, trouble follows hard on his heels. The thieving rapscallion Ethan will stop at nothing to ensnare Haggarth in his mercenary schemes. And the she-devil who has twice tried to kill the carpenter-turned-warrior will seemingly not be satisfied until his head decorates her lodge pole!

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