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Killer Hawk

Colonel Hawkins had a reputation as the most awesome fighting machine in the Martian army! So awesome that the President of United Mars had special plans for him! And so had...someone else!


Allan Wallace was the most sought after artist in comics! Unfortunately for Allan, however he was sought after not only by editors...but also by nightmarish monsters he created!

The Cosmic All

A slimy blob of protoplasm...that was all the space travelers found on the planet! That...and an endless vista of human like skeletons! They fled...not realizing there was no way of fleeing...the cosmic all!


They called it a war of attrition...the Luftwaffe and R.A.F. trading kills in the skies above England with the Germans almost certain to prevail by sheer weight of numbers! But the history!

War of Wizards

The wizard Thanos recruited the savage Torin to slay his arch rival! But the sorcerer would surely have chosen a different emissary...had he suspected the startling secret of his barbarian henchman!


Brenda Buckler had visited thirteen different planets in search of her missing husband...all in vain! So she had little hope left upon reaching Thyna, a world inhabited solely by tentacled monsters!







Story Arcs

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