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Stitches in Time

The Oriental arch-fiend, Ten Ichi, has summoned five super-powerful henchman from earth's past and future to destroy Vampirella! Accompanied only by Pantha and three human allies...Pendragon, Adam Van Helsing and Conrad Van Helsing...what chance has the Huntress from the starts against the combined threat of the most powerful beings the Chinese devil could pluck from the endless continuum of time? For that matter, what chance has mankind?

Corridors of Doom

Dr. Richard Harris lies strapped to Ten Ichi's Crystal of the Ages...his Pie medallion fueling the Oriental villain's sinister machinations! Can Vampi and company rescue Dr. Harris before Ten Ichi draws enough power from the mysterious amulet to bring the world to its knees? It all depends on wheter or not they survive their meeting with Ten Ichi's welcoming committee of...Schreck! Hunter! Exterminator One! Child! And Dax the Warrior!


Just when you thought it was safe to join forces agianst Ten Ichi...Mac Tavish! Spook! Coffin! Hunter II! Darklon! But with startling suddenness, fate shifts the scenario! Vampirella and erstwhile Hunter are flung into the distant dangerous future! Pantha enlists the aid of a powerful new ally! And the renewed threat of Ten Ichi is dwarfed by the appearance of Pie, the enigmatic alien with might enough to burn the entire planet to a cinder!

The End of Time

Joined by the Rook, Vampirella and her companions find themselves defending the Alamo against a nightmarish army of demon mutants! The hellish horde must be turned back lest countless settlements of humans be slaughtered! Meanwhile, back in the present, General Browning's army prepares to hurl an all-out attack against the now colossal Pie...little suspecting what the astonishing result of their confrontation with the giant blue-skinned alien will be!

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