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Dear Cousin Eerie

Most readers were wildly enthusiastic about our all-Neal Adams issue, praising Mr. Adams for his skill and versatility, and Archie Goodwin for the exciting stories he wrote. But there are some who maintain that "the workmanlike building to a surprise ending" has had its day, and that comic readers want action on every single panel!

King of the Jungle

The bloodthirsty, money-hungry poachers were carving a horrid path through the jungle! Most animals were helpless against their shotguns and were left to die slowly in the broiling African sun! Justin King was determined that such men would no longer hold sway in his jungle! Justice would be himself, or by the headhunters!

Reuben Youngblood

At midnight on the wharf, with blackness a tight shroud around him and all the good citizens asleep, every slight sound unnerved the smuggler. That clicking could have been rats, or restless hobos...or the bolt of a machine gun being pulled back! This is the Roaring Twenties, after all, and men's lives are cheap! Can booze be worth this danger?


Harry Houdini was considered the world's greatest magician and mystic! Houdini believed it too...until he met Merlin! Such uncanny power the man possessed! Together the sorcerers were forced to confront a hellish danger to mankind, as unholy beings were crawling up from a slimy pit, seeking to dominate the world of men!


Death followed the trail of the Sacred Parchment...death, greed and lust for power. Only Haggarth was immune...the power of Gods meant nothing to him! He had a more important end the reign of villainous King Thall! Now they faced each other in a final duel...Haggarth's hungry blade against Thall's savage leopard.

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