Who do you think eddie's arch enemy should be?

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#51 Edited by Anti-Venom's follower (91 posts) - - Show Bio
Zoom said:
What about Special Bear?  He could be Anti Venom's arc enemy! ... [more]
where U find dat?
#52 Posted by The Crimson Nutcase (772 posts) - - Show Bio

It would be cool to see him go against Moon Knight!

(so Eddie Brock is anti-venom i never knew, i dont follow Spiderman that much)

#53 Posted by chris thompson (815 posts) - - Show Bio

Gargan and osborn. oh, and another thing f*ck you Vance.

#54 Posted by DEGRAAF (7939 posts) - - Show Bio

i think anti venom should hunt venom and he runs across the regenerated carnage and carnage just toys with him not knowing any better. Anti venom tries to make the symbiote die but it doesnt work so the duel it out symbiote style. They can become arch enemies

#55 Posted by ARMIV (3876 posts) - - Show Bio
@chris thompson:  Calm down guy,no need to let anger get a hold of you...don't let this escalate into something ugly...
#56 Posted by Zoom (14668 posts) - - Show Bio
@Anti-Venom's follower said:
Zoom said:
What about Special Bear?  He could be Anti Venom's arc enemy! ... [more]
where U find dat?"
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

A better book than any that Venom has been in.
#57 Edited by Televisor (20 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it should be Mister Negative because he caused Venom to become Anti-Venom

#58 Posted by Silver Knight75 (1131 posts) - - Show Bio

I consider Carnage his biggest threat besides Spidey

#59 Posted by Overseer (404 posts) - - Show Bio

Who says because Anti-Venom's back to the 'antihero' thing that Spidey can't still be his enemy? Given how the two constintly end up at odds, given both their lucks, that the two can't end up on oposing sides again?


But asside from Spidey, I'd say Carnage's return or Mr. Negative, or hell Demogoblin may make a nice fit.

#60 Posted by Thor's hammmer (7162 posts) - - Show Bio

Kane should get the original venom suit and fight enti venom
#61 Posted by Toxin45 (311 posts) - - Show Bio

curently he's toxin and Carnage is Venom's arch-enemy no matter who the host is.also Broxin is placing second to Venom/Flash with Carnage being 1

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