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Hey Venom Fans and Marvel creators  l can you make Eddie Brock Venom again and in Dark Reign make him hate Spider-Man again and Knows that he is Peter Parker .Also  make him have new powers as Venom
like him as Anti-Venom and Spidey's new powers from the other
Night vision
Super Human Strength to lift 100 tons 
immune  of Spider-Man's Spider-Scene and cut offs his Powers if they get too close
immunity to fire and Sonic  
creating organic webbing as in human host and Symbiote from inside or outside
ability to create Stingers out of under skin and Symbiote
Cure people of diseases and including Cancer ,with toguhing and kil other Symbiotes
Accelerated healing Factor  including Diseases and even Cancers,
enhanced  Super human Durability 
Wall crawling
Speed and stamina 
Can blend into the background  
Have only one Ghost Rider Ability 
and can duplicate himself 
also can change  the Venom appearance,change color to Anti-Venom,and human sized  Spider-man a
Physical description 
height:6'4"(Brock),7'6 1/2"-variable(as Venom)
weight:277 lbs(Brock),795 lbs -variable(as Venom)
hair:Reddish Blond
that is all i have left do you want Eddie Brock to become venom again? Yes or No.

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I am saying make Eddie as Venom to have new powers and as Venom again in Dark Reign  
5 limited issues series called Venom Reborn

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@InnerVenom123: Yeah plus with Spider-Man's new powers from the other in 2007 wiht Morlun be more stronger and faster than him 
plus Unlike the other Spider-Man Villains Venom would kill the Black Cat and Flash Thompson in a hint that Venom (Eddie Brock) knows that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are the same person and nearly kills Green Goblin (Norman Osborn),Mary Jane,Morlun,Carnage,Scorpion,Lizard The Jonah,his famliy and Aunt May.To make him a more impact on his life
and he actually kills Spider-Man (who has been Revived and defeats Venom with new Powers) Venom will make the Green Goblin pee in his pants
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relax he would only use it if necessary  with Ghost Rider's one ability and duplicate himself plus if he kills or absorb the Symbiote he becomes gigantic Venom but he would only uses a few of his powers  from Spider-Man:Reign and Web of Shadows unless he fights more powerful beings  
Dark Phoenix
and Galactus
he would beat and absorb some radiation 
from each one  
the only powerful being that Venom will defeat will be  Dark Phoenix  Magneto,Hulk and Mephisto
but you're right that would be to much he would only use it if he fights Spider-Man  Carnage or characters 
he is Stronger and Faster than Carnage,Spider-Man,Toxin and others
he has his strength enhanced to lift 100 tons same strength like Superman,hulk and others and he is nearly invulnerable 

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To be honest, no I don't want Eddie to go back to hating Spider-man and the same old. I know many hate the new direction with Anti-Venom, but I think it is something interesting and so far, though in its early stages, I feel it works. I think having him suddenly hating Pete after burying the hatchet in NWTD would be regressing him; he's grown and moved forward as an individual, he's started taking responsibility for his actions and his faults in the past.  By having him resume the hatred, what would that accomplish? What hasn't been covered in that angle for Brock?  Also, I'm sorry but I have got to disagree with you on the power upgrades, that is way too much for him, he's becoming cosmic level now and how on earth would he even get some of these powers? And him defeating Dark Phoenix? Dude, she's capable of wiping out entire planets and is one of the higher level characters in the Marvel Universe, having Venom defeat her makes no sense.

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a fight well dark pheniox took over some one and attack eddie brock so venom and hey venom was an awesome villain so what he wil only use Anti-Venom's powers okay with other ones

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also can change into Anti-Venom and Spider-Man he still change back into Venom

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