Venom (Eddie Brock vs Venom (Mac Gargan)

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What would happen if these two Venoms collide we did see them fight wen Venom(Brock) was Anti-Venom so orginally brock lift 25 tons now  when Brock become Anti-Venom he can lift over 100 tons also Venom(Mac Gargan) too able to lift over 100 tons stronger than Carnage,Toxin,and other symbiotes

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Well with Morlun biting Venom/Eddie Brock and Mister negative's tough on  Venom/Eddie Brock  Venom would a power upgrade his strength (to lift 100 tons )speed (faster than Spider-Man Carnage and other symbiotes) and durability (Virtual indestructible)would an upgrade abilities Journalism and Body builder  also can kill other symbiotes with his touch and cure people also immune to fire and sonics and cuts off Spider-Man's powers of they get too close I can't get this idea outta of my head i got to go show this to Marvel also Venom  (Eddie Brock) remembers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man sorry guys about this too much power thing  but this is actually not a bad idea to make Eddie Brock Venom again also wants to Spider-Man and his friends & Family also can drop down the "Protect the Innocent" a bit and Anyone who dares holds us from our calling isn't innocent at all so they have to die! Credit goes to Innervenom123 and me also return of Carnage by the other This is also Venom's Mutated State okay?

 Spider-Man vs Venom (Eddie Brock)

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