The Amazing Spider-Man 642

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Just SAw it. It looks beastly. THe reason I think its cool is beacause of the return of Anti-Venom (my boy)  and Mac-Venom (not so much). What do you guys think about it? Please comment!!!! check thse images I got from this site!!! 

After the "Grim Hunt" and "One Moment in Time" arcs rock Spider-Man's life, a bundle of joy from two deadly parents is going to bring on the pain, with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man storyline "Origin of the Species." Starting in September 2010 from issues #642 to #647, writer Mark Waid and artist Paul Azaceta will reunite for the six-issue story arc, as Spidey's entire set of bad guys comes out of the woodwork to come after the son of Norman Osborn and Menace.


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WOW. That looks freaking insane!!!! AWESOME!
I hope they manage a scene of Anti kicking Gargan's @$$ ;P

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No even better. Anti rips the symbiote off of Mac and it bonds with SOMEONE THATS NOT A LOSER!!!!!!!
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Can't wait to pick this up! :D

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I'll definitely be waiting for this one.
On the subject of Mac as Venom, I think he's funny. Obviously, I prefer Eddie over Mac, but Gargan's not as bad as some people make him out to be.

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that bottom picture looks bad ass

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why is werewolf by night in this one?
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That's Vermin, I think
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@havco said:
"why is werewolf by night in this one? "

@biggkeem89 said:
"@havco: That's Vermin, I think "
Its Freak.
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Not that artist again...D=

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nice preview ,also  i put the three cover art together with photoshop:

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