Eddie's SIster and simillarites

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IF Eddie's mother died of giving birth how come he has a sister then that whats bothers me  and it also has the same thing for Norman Osborn's son Harry  who's mother died of giving birth to him  of course they weren't  the first Father and son to have a family feud Venom and Carnage of Spider-Man they are so en twisted  

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Eddie's sister is his OLDER sister.

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Yup. lol.
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well in   Nova v.3 #6-7  she was mentioned  in Nova and i could have sworn..  I'll get to that later but what if ... nah it's too hooky for words

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It's me toxin 45 now i am VenomousCarnage345 and what if it was Edward Brock Sr. and Jaime Brock  were Eddie's Real Parents  and He  was an onl child until his died of Giving brith to his sister Mary in the ambulance just like  in the ultimate universe and Carl Brock is Eddie's uncle.

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