Eddie Brock and Toxin?!

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Hello folks on comicvine! To start off my first topic ever I've decided to start with a thread regarding our old pal Eddie Brock. Now I don't know if you folks have been keeping up with the whole mess regarding the symbiotes but recent events (namely the Sinister Six arc in the Venom comics) has made it so Eddie Brock ended up fused with Carnage's first spawn aka. the symbiote known as Toxin and I have to ask "Is that really what we want to happen from a story point of view?" I mean why have him bond with Toxin? Am I the only one who simply wants him to reject Toxin and then have Eddie somehow regenerate his Anti-Venom outfit? I don't know people, what's your views on this matter?

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Honestly, I think the whole symbiote thing was taken way too far. Venom was awesome. Carnage was cool and an okay idea. Toxin would have been completely stupid had he not been a good guy, so he was at least interesting. Any other symbiotes were flat out stupid in my opinion. No, I don't like the symbiotes finding new hosts. They should stick with the ones they have. Maybe if they changed once or twice, okay, but they change all the time. I don't like it.

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I agree there are too many symbiotes now. It took me FOREVER to warm up to Flash as Venom, but now I'm finally on board with the idea and enjoying it. However, Brock as Toxin... I just don't know.

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I think that Toxin x Julia Carpenter would make a great team. Also, Carnage should be bonded to Black Cat!!!

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People will probably disagree with me, but Eddie kind of needs to die. He's just been in crazy limbo for years, ever since Venom left him he's gone off the rocker. Even as Anti-Venom he was still crazy, he just had superpowers to boot. And it's not even a fun crazy like Deadpool. It's just "My life's crap, I used to be a powerful villain who mattered in the world, now I'm not, but I'm happy about it except my life sucks because it's all I had, I have to find some way to redeem myself. I can't take it I've gone crazy." Flash is great as Venom, but with nothing decent to do, Eddie needs to die. They should just have him come out with a flamethrower, him and Flash (as Venom) throw down, bad things happen, Eddie gets critically injured, Venom symbiote latches back onto Eddie to save him, Eddie lights himself on fire to resist it, wounded Venom returns to Flash, Eddie dies free of a monster.

Or y'know, he could shoot himself in the head. That'd work too.

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I want to keep up with the conitinuity what comics should I read from the time when he first became Anti-venom.

I was always against him redeeming him self though :|

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