Does Anti-Venom Have a Healing "Aura?"

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Just a quick little "What do you think?' blog. 
Anti-Venom's proximity to Spider-Man

Ever since Anti-Venom got sidetracked when he was killing the Venom symbiote and tried to cure Spider-man, whenever Eddie gets near Spidey his powers short out (but you already know that don't you?). Does this mean when a character is in close proximity of Anti-Venom are they momentarilly cured of any anomalies in their system? Or does this supposed "aura" only effect people he has cured, or attempted to cure, in the past? An example would be Anne Weying, I mean Jenna Cole, when she's not being Eddie's "angel" and using drugs behind his back (if she even does now) is she cured momentarily around Eddie? Could it also affect the Venom symbiote, we will probably see soon enough. I'm reminded of Leech, or Jimmy, from X-Men: The Last Stand, but specifically the scene where Hank McCoy reaches toward the boy to find his hand temporarily reverted back to its human form. Personally, I think Anti-Venom just has this ability to have an edge against Peter (even though he really doesn't need it). So what do you think?
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I do not believe that his abilities work on normal people on a subconscious level.  
As far as I have seen him he has to consciously cure people of certain ailments. 
He is able to sense when people have certain toxins in their bloods but I believe he has to make physical contact with them in order to cure them. 
Even though Spider-Man abilities go out of sync when he is around him he still has the Spider "toxins" running through his blood stream and Anti-Venom would need to consciously extract it as shown about 2 issues back.
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Pretty sure it only works like that with Spider-man. 

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It happens to spider-man because he was healing him before and tampered with the radiation in his body, his anti-venom cells thus are trying to cure Parker of his radiation at all times. It never happened before he tampered with parker so its only with Pete. 

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