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I've been reading some of Brubaker's run on Captain America and so far, I like the stories. I was curious, what other titles or stories that Brubaker has written that were good to read.

If anyone can give me a general idea, it would be most appreciated.

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Gotham Central for sure.

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@Spectre108 said:

Gotham Central for sure.

I'd say this and Batman: The Man Who Laughs. And his fairly new Winter Soldier series is great.

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I love the Winter Soldier series. It is probably my favorite current series. His work on the Iron Fist was excellent too. If you like crime stories, he wrote a couple called Criminal and a new one called Fatale that are really good. He wrote a miniseries called The Marvels Project that goes back to the early 1940s and covers the rise of the first super humans like Namor and the Human Torch. Basically, I like mostly everything he has done. I just started reading about a year ago when I got his Captain America Omnibus 1 and he has stayed my favorite writer since then.

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Winter soldier and Catwoman.

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