Would U Buy It #86: "Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Vol. 1-2"

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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's two of mine:

Proposed Title:Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Vol. 1.
TPB Cover:E:TDW #1.
Collecting 11 Issues:Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1; Superman: Man of Steel Annual #1; Green Lantern Annual #1; Detective Comics #5; Superman Annual #4; Justice League America Annual #6; Demon Annual #1; Flash Annual #5; Action Comics Annual #4; Wonder Woman Annual #3; Green Arrow Annual #5.

Covers (click to enlarge):



Proposed Title:Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Vol. 2.
TPB Cover:E:TDW #2.
Collecting 11 Issues:Robin Annual #1; Hawkworld Annual #3; Deathstroke the Terminator Annual #1; New Titans Annual #8; Justice League Europe Annual #3; Batman Annual #16; LEGION Annual #3; Adventures of Superman Annual #4; Eclipso: The Darkness Within #2; Valor #1; Eclipso #1.

Covers (click to enlarge):


DC's 1992 annuals were a crossover event called Eclipso: The Darkness Within. Bookended by the two-issue mini-series, Eclipso: The Darkness Within, it featured Eclipso trying to bring out the dark side in everyone, using shards of the Heart of Darkness, also known as "black diamonds."

Volume one would have the first issue of the mini-series, and the first ten annuals of the story arc. Volume two would have the last eight annuals, the second issue of the mini-series, the Aftermath chapter from Valor #1, and the first issue of the 1992 Eclipso series, which spun directly out of Darkness Within. The covers are an easy pic: the covers from the two-issue mini-series.

Eclipso #1 isn't necessary to this arc, and doesn't really need to be included, but I added it just to make both TPB's eleven issues long. If DC were only going to reprint this story arc, then adding the first issue of the 1992 series is a great way to say, "Hey, there was more," kind of like an epilogue. If they were also going to reprint the 1992 series, then it might still be good to include this issue, just to whet fans' appetites for the TPB's to that series.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.



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Thanks again!

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