no_name_'s Echoes #5 - Echoes review

Who Did It?

The conclusion of the highly acclaimed mini  series concludes here, and it does not disappoint. 

The Good 

It happens to everyone; you'll be reading a comic series and the first issue will absolutely blow you away- but then the creative team fails to deliver as the series progresses. This is a particular problem with horror comics and psychological thrillers where the story sometimes becomes easy for the reader to predict. Guess what? This does not happen here. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov has managed to craft a five issue mini series that will absolutely blow you away at every turn, and keep you at the edge of your seat. Fialkov has a perfect grasp of how to write a thriller, and executes it brilliantly in the finale of ECHOES. 

The series follows Brian, who discovers a dark and chilling secret  he believes his Father has been hiding for years. Brian quickly notes that he and his Father both share a psychological disfunction, and the fear that Brian (like his father) is capable of the same horrific behavior haunts him. This issue takes an unexpected turn that the reader in no way will see coming. 

The Bad 

The worst part about this issue is that it is the final one in this series. 

The Verdict
One really great thing about this series is that Fialkov definitely leaves the ending open for a sequel to this first volume- and it is definitely something I would love to see him do. Don't pick up this final issue without reading the last four- and if you like a great thriller, don't pass this up. You'll miss out. 
Posted by SC

Oh can't wait to read this! Its especially awesome to hear it doesn't drop in quality. Your totally right so many good series start off well and then just go downhill! This might be my Daytripper of the year! 

I am only on #3. I hope this creative team does a spiritual sequel of sorts! Thank you for the review! 
Posted by B'Town

Sold Sara!  I totally trust your recommendations you haven't steered me wrong yet. 

 I haven't been reading this but will pick them up, I am wondering if it might serve me best to wait for a collected book.  I will check into it.  

Thanks for a fine review.
Posted by longbowhunter

While last issue was my favorite I thought this was a perfect ending. Probably my favorite miniseries of the year. Also checkout Fialkov's other stuff like Tumor.

Edited by Nuec_Sol

Just got done reading it and Sarah is right. The writing is great and  Rahsan Ekedal gray scale style goes prefectly with the story. This book gots me looking forward to the other upcomming mini series by Top Cow.
Posted by carnivalofsins00

I loved this series through and through. Issue after issue after issue.

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