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A medicated schizophrenic, Brian Cohn, visits his dying father in a hospital. With his final breaths, he tells Brain an address and speaks cryptically about dead girls. Brian investigates the house and discovers a large pile of human bones and a box filled with small dolls made from flesh.

Unsure what to do, Brian takes the box back to his home and tells no one. The stress of this discovery aggravates Brian's condition, and he begins to hear voices and hallucinate dead girls. In particular, he hears his father telling him to continue his work. When a young girl Brian sees disappears, he worries that he killed her. When Detective Neville visits Brian to inquire about the girl, Brian lies about seeing another man following her.

Brian learns of the Alzheimer's symptom echolalia, and returns to the hospital to research his father's roommate. The roommate used to live in the house in which Brian found the dolls, and the confession Brian's father made was a repition of the confession his roommate had made to his son, Detective Neville.

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