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Julie and Annie work as one to fight their way into the secret underground Phi Super-Collider where they come face to face with Annie's killer. With the fate of all mankind at stake, Julie makes a brutal and very deadly decision. Don't miss the series' earth-shattering climax in issues 29 and 30 of this award-winning series!

In a snow storm they are having trouble locating the Phi collider so Julie/Annie have an idea. They use the explosive power of the vest to blow the snow away in a massive crater that shows up a vent. They climb down despite Julie's arachnophobia.

In California Tambi and her girl-friend Casey watch the sunset.

Ivy sends Dillon and Vijay to find the generators while Julie and her find the control room. This plan doesn't make sense when Julie could easily cripple the plant by herself.

Ivy confesses there is more to it. The General wants to harness the resulting black hole as a weapon against China and if the test doesn't go a head they will just drop the Phi they do have on china anyways so its not enough to stop the test.

With just minutes till the test Julie and Ivy run into guards, Julie puts them down but around the corner are a whole lot more.







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