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Julie and Annie share the same body and must act as one to stop the Phi Collider. Once inside the top secret facility they must fight their way through indomitable security and find the man responsible for it all, Professor Foster. Only Foster can stop the machine that threatens the world, and only Foster holds the key to setting Annie free!

In D.C. Stephanie (baring a Parker Girl tattoo on her right thigh) is showering when she senses something she grabs a gun but Tambi throws her to the floor. Tambi asks her for the location of the Phi collider and how to get in.

In Alaska Ivy reads up on Cain and reads the tales that say that when Cain is killed, as the son of Adam, it will mark the 7 day countdown to the unmaking of earth. The last day by that reckoning would be the next one, the day of the colliders testing.

Tambi phones in the location of the colider to Ivy, it will be at 6:18 that evening and Ivy notes the biblical relevance. Ivy is now little more than a 12 year old and tantrums when she finds Dillon and Julie possibly having sex.

At the collider the generals arrive and they confirm that its under tested but with the Chinese tests coming they have no choice.







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