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With Alloy 618 covering her body in a liquid metal armor, Julie is at her most powerful when attacked. When Julie leads Ivy and Dillon into the heart of the secret underground Phi Collider, the military throws everything they've got at our brave girl, and the results are spectacular! Only 4 issues left in this Harvey Award-winning series!

Ivy wakes and panics when she finds Vijay in the bathroom she can't remember whats been going on. She talks to Julie and finds her a foot taller.

Ivy is becoming an irrational teen and makes a shocking statement that she and Julie had sex and that caused her current condition, she then accepts they just spooned and it was the love they felt that made it happen. She also says that Julie is really Annie, Julie denies it all. Ivy seemingly upset that Dillon might have slept with Julie.

Ivy finally comes clean and tells them if she loses her mind they are all doomed so no more secrets.

Julie does seem to share all of Annie's memories now and relates some of the facts we have learned and some personal information that only she and Vijay could know.

Jack meets the assassin from the bar int he desert and tells him to go after Julie in Alaska. He says he knows as Foster told him already and to kill Jack for his failings. He punches Jack out and body bags him and executes him in it and drops him in a grave.

Vijay suggest Ivy calls her daughter while she still can and Dillon talks with Annie about dying and god. Julie gives them permission to kiss.







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