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Julie meets Cain in a fight to the death for the rest of Annie's alloy, while Ivy is forced to use desperate measures to find and stop the Phi Collider. The atomic clock is ticking on a countdown to midnight, and time is running out!

At the colider the military are pushing for a field test with the Alloy 618 on the first run in a weeks time. Foster is appalled at the idea with the dangers so massively stacked against them. The General tells him the Chinese have the 618 alloy and even though they are 6 years behind them they are going down the bomb route and will have a test bomb within 60days and they must trump that to stop them.

Dillon and the girls climb up to where they saw the smoke and discuss if this Cain could be the biblical Cain or not when Dillon falls over a cliff edge. Julie's suit extends ribbon like arms and catches him. When she tries to direct the ribbons they do weird things whens he relaxes they reel him into safety.

Ivy is getting snippy as she regresses into her mid teens and Julie appears to eb getting even bigger and stronger.

At the camp Vijay is tied over a rock in readiness to be sacrificed and Cain talks about how old he is and cursed to walk the earth but a child is coming to give him rest and put an end to everything. He starts his ceremony as his talks to god about being a young man and killing his brother able as he slices a chunk of Vijays arm. He throws it into a fire and Julie blast him with energy. His blackened corpse still moves and claims to be immortal. She grabs its hand and takes the last of its metal and once done Ivy shots it and it explodes. She still has its finger in her hand which Ivy takes.







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