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Time is running out for Julie and Ivy. In order to stop testing of the deadly new super-collider, they must first track down the killer Cain, and take his Phi alloy. Activation of the collider has begun, Cain is on the run, and the clock is ticking down.

Dillon leaves message for Ivy catching them up on the events at his end and connecting Cain with Vijay and he stakes out Vijay's car.

In the van Julie notices that Ivy looks much more youthful than she did previously much to her delight. the go back to the plane wreck so Ivy can pickup a gun that is special to her. Ivy thinks she can bring out Annie by touching Julie's breast as she was touching her there when she transitioned before and she held her there overnight. she tries it but nothing happens much to both their embarrassment.

They go to get clothes for Julie and argue over it and the suit sends a warning shot past Ivy.

Jack meets Vijay and impresses on him the value of being loyal to the company and makes a thinly vialed threat. He runs outside for air and Cain sees him from far away and shows us his skeletal arm but still metallic right hand.

Julie showers and tries to put on the panties and jeans Ivy bought her and finds they are too small. She complains that Ivy didn't get her size 8 and Ivy said she did and she told her she didn't look size 8 to begin with.

Ivy asks Julie how tall she is. 5'7 she says as she looks down at Ivy who says she is 5' 8. Julie is growing.







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