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Dillon loves Annie, but the murdered Annie now lives inside Julie, and Julie thinks the whole thing is bizarre. As if life wasn't complicated enough, Julie and Dillon must stop HeNRI from activating its ill-fated Super Collider. But, with Special Agent Ivy Raven and half the army on their trail, getting anywhere near the secret facility will be almost impossible. Almost.

Pam Wakes from another prophetic dream of a crashed aircraft on fire with a little girl inside. She meets a surprised Dillon in the kitchen and Julie is relieved to find her safe and apparently not kidnapped at all.

Ivy arrives and agrees to share her information on the Phi project. She reveals to Dillon Annie was in fact murdered and the suit is making Julie super healthy. She also explains about the dual DNA and when she shows her some inert beads they leap onto her and it grows a little more.

When a large helicopter Ivy allows the three to flee to her car and arranges to meet them later, hoping they can help her sick child. She faces Foster and delays him. HE confirms he killed Annie because she wanted a side project on the curative aspects of the suit which would have diverted funds from the weapons project.

They blow up the house intending to search for the suit later. Hong is ordered to test the proton gun on Ivy who shots it in Hong's hands, blowing his jaw off and burning him alive. She then takes out the helicopter too.

In the last scene Annie takes over Julie's body again but says nothing.







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