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Julie and Dillon find a valuable ally inside the HeNRI company who reveals the true purpose of Foster's Phi Project-a massive machine designed to recreate the Big Bang. However, this machine will use the Phi Principle, guaranteeing success - and ending all life as we know it with a complete reboot of the universe. With Annie dead, the only one who can stop Foster and his doom machine now is Julie Martin.

Pam arrives at Julies house and breaks in alerting the surveillance.

Ivy is with her daughter is responding to treatment when she gets a phone call confirming that the DNA from Julies home matches the DNA found in the motel, but with one problem theres 2 sets of DNA on the motel sample. Whats more the first sample shows a predisposition to cancer while the second sample of that NA shows none.

At Henri Dr Foster and Jack meet Hong Liu who has discovered a away to change the suit into dark-matter and back to a harmless alloy with a proton gun. It will kill the person wearing it but it ends the problem of getting near enough and stopping Julie without the suit defending itself. Liu shamelessly blackmails Foster into paying him for the invention.

At home Julie and Dillon settle in and Julie reveals the suit now covers her lower half and is afraid to try using the bathroom but she goes to try anyways hoping it will be kind to her.

The surveillance picks up their entry and Dr Foster and Liu head there with the gun.







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