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American comic artist Jim Lee drew the cover for this volume, as he was a long-time fan of Yoshimoto's Eat-Man series.

MEAL ONE: Carry out the dying wish of a master swordsmith by protecting his legacy from thieves. Be nice to animals.

MEAL TWO: Come to the aid of a pair of siblings guarding a town's lake from a monster that surfaces like clockwork every year. Don't hurt their pride in the process.

MEAL THREE: Locate a cute woman capable of generating intense electrical fields who went AWOL from her place of work and return her to her unscrupulous employers. Keep your promises.

MEAL FOUR: Guard a cute woman imprisoned in a tower for exactly one hour-no more, no less. Honor your agreements.

MEAL FIVE: Find and purchase a cute mermaid kept in captivity by an unscrupulous circus ringmaster. Don't get wet.

Chapter Titles

  • Meal 1: Food For Dog
  • Meal 2: Indigestion
  • Meal 3: Power Lunch
  • Meal 4: Reluctant Guest
  • Meal 5: Seafood

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