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The North Wind’s brother/cousin. The East Wind takes the form of an obese man and goes by the names of Eurus (the name of the Greek deity representing the east wind), Fei Lian (the Chinese god of the wind) and Dragon of the East. He does appear to have some physical traits similar to young Ambrose. Not much is known about him, but unlike the West Wind, he doesn't appear to wish to kill the North Wind's family. And like the South Wind, he believes the West Wind only wants to hurt them out of personal spite. With coaxing from the South Wind, she got them to decide to invite themselves as guests of the Wolf Clan. However, upon hearing the ideas of his fellow winds, the East Wind suggested that they not only killed the entire wolf clan, but the North Wind’s attendant winds as well. The others agreed to the plan. However, when Winter (one of the "cubs") is chosen as the new North Wind, the East Wind appears to accept it, and even tells a disgruntled West Wind to be quiet and mind the occasion. He also wishes to assist in Winter's training.

However, Winter becomes soon becomes deathly afraid when she starts having nightmares where she sees a grown-up version of herself as a cold, selfish North Wind that hurts people. The East Wind is very pleased with this new "marvelous" development in which they will have a "timid" North Wind, whereas the South Wind, equally pleased, says that their day of ascendancy has come at long last. During "Cubs in Toyland" arc Bigby asks as humbly as he could for their help in finding Therese and Darien. While of course all the winds at first refuse, Bigby makes a verbal threat that he'd make them pay if they didn't. It is noted, that while he's just as suspicious character as his siblings, he was the only one of them not griping or complaining about searching for them. He notes "Sometimes a doing a favor is its own reward", meaning he could have some benevolence in him at the most as he saw that while Bigby wasn't a god like them, he wasn't just an ordinary human either.

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