tobenracicot's East of West #9 - Nine: A Kingdom of Riches review

East of West #9

The Good

First thing on the list is that we have a new issue of East of West to enjoy. What more could we want? How about issue 10. Man I love Hickman's work in this. His dialogue is so amazing!

We get a look inside the The Kingdom and the life of John Freeman, the Crown Prince of The Kingdom. We learn a little about the political situation of The Kingdom and also what else is going on outside of it.

Also Death makes his deal with Oracle. I loved that scene. The flashback page of the Horsemen with Oracle made me smile. I love the way flashbacks are handled. And how Death is black in them.

THE ART! OMG! I would still buy this book every month even if there were no words on the page. Dragotta's art is absolutely amazing! And Martin's colors are beautiful and fresh and STUNNING. I don't think I can name another book that I enjoy the art as much as here. SO GOOD!!

The Bad

We still haven't seen the Ranger again. I have been impatiently waiting for his return.

Another month wait until chapter 10 arrives

The Verdict

This is an amazing read! So much building and sculpting going on! I love every page and speech bubble! Hickman, Dragotta, and Martin are doing something really special on these pages. This is a book that when it concludes (I hope that is far down the road) I will look back and say wow that is something I am glad I read month to month. It truly is a fun experience reading it.

Best scene of the comic - John vs Prince #8

Hickman's world of East of West is a great escape. I actually enjoy the politics here more than i do in my American Foundation's class. WOMP.

This book is gold.


Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Nice review even though I dropped this series TWICE.

Posted by TobenRacicot

Haha dude keep the faith. it is so great! it was confusing for me at first but now i know exactly what is going on!

Try it again! or just read it in trade whatever just read it!

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