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Politics Anyone?

The Good

Hickman is back! After the action packed issue that was #10, this issue is a nice change of pace. We settle down and see what the Chosen are up to. It is a nice view into the troubles and turmoils that each member has.

First off we see Xiaolian, Death's wife. She is ticked and ready to blow. Her scenes are particularly inspirational. I really enjoy the way she is drawn. Dragotta's art is my favourite! I love the way he does character's faces.

We check off the other member's of the chosen. The scene with Ben Solomon is also very interesting. What internal demons, literally, he is dealing with in there? What is going on?

With each issue Hickman builds more and more the world that he and Dragotta are creating here. I love it. Whatever is going on, the citizens are unhappy and Mrs. President doesn't really care, there is going to be some major defecation that hits the circulation sooner or later.

The end of the issue is super great. We meet the representatives from all of the Territories and boy do they look cool!

The Bad

There are a lot of characters in this book and a lot of stories going on. This means that not all of them can be focused on in one issue. Sadly, Death is not seen at all during this issue. Whatever happened after the end of issue 10, WHICH WAS AWESOME!, I'm sure we will pick back up with him after.

It took me a while to realize that there are Presidents of the other territories and not just Mrs. President. That is okay.

The Verdict

Another issue of East of West and I walk away incredibly happy. I don't even have to read the works. I can just flip the pages and admire the art and be completely satisfied with this title. Hickman is such a great creator! I love the way he builds and builds!

Dragotta is spot on with his art every single issue. This issue feels like he is more comfortable with the characters that he is drawing. Frank's colours are amazing as well. I love the texture and the look of the book. It is soothing when there is conversation but when there is action - HOLY CRAP - it is mind blowing. I love it all!

The story keeps building and growing. Death is dealing with his demons and the Chosen will soon have to accept theirs and let the chips fall where they may. I expect there to be some huge repercussions. Where was Death during all this time? Where were the other Horsemen? Only time will tell. Cannot wait until next issue.


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