mrhodesreviews's East of West #1 - One: Out of the Wasteland review

Not for everyone, but a masterpiece for those who can wrap their head around it

Deciding to jump onto a new series I picked this one up. It is basically a mix of the futuristic apocalyptic genre and the western genre. The story is very difficult to describe as it has this really surreal atmosphere to the whole thing. Basically most of the human race was wiped out in the early 1900s and the factions of the Civil War still divide the country, along with various other factions. The lore is very detailed and engaging and in the present day we have beings from Hell hunting down different people for unknown reasons. This is a nice mix of many different ideas and the artwork is great as well. Seeing as this issue is such a surreal experience I must say that it isn’t for everyone but if you seem at all intrigued then do whatever you can to track this down!

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