cavemold's East of West #1 - One: Out of the Wasteland review


The Good : Johnthan Hickman has struck gold with east of west!!! Dragotta art is very well done in this western Apocalypse . Plenty of action in this first issue and plenty of blood:) This book starts off with a different version of how the civil war ended! 8 Nations and plenty of conflict.Our main character is straight shooter and doesnt take no for answer!

The bad : Nothing, a true badass western comic.

Verdict : I will see you in hell if you don't pick this issue up!


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    (see original at I first read Hickman's work on the Avengers, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I struggled through his super-massive INFINITY event and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it was just too big for one writer to handle and that's where he failed. Hickman does great stuff with large events, but the INFINITY event was just too large, I think. East of West, however, was just right. It truly is a great comicb...

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    You might call me crazy, but Dragotta was one of my least favorite artists on Hickman's FF run, so I was just a tad hesitant going into East of West. But if you, like me, have doubts about Dragotta's artwork, it's ridiculously improved over what was on FF. I don't know what made the difference, but I'm absolutely in love with the visuals on this book, and good god does this series need the visuals to be gorgeous. I mean, Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Western? Yeah, you need the scenery to look stunni...

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