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 Earth-Mover vs Ultimo
The Earth-Mover was a combination of Dr. Maximilian Stone and a magma entity. Dr. Stone worked on an experimental drilling station. When Ultimo began moving toward the surface from under the Earth's crust, Dr. Stone fell into the magma below. He was wrapped in protective stone by an unnamed magma entity. Neither would have survived at this point without the other, so they formed a symbiotic relationship. When Iron Man showed up to check on Dr. Stone's whereabouts, he found the Earth-Mover creature. Earth-Mover tried to warn him away, but Iron Man thought the creature was threatening him. They fought and Iron Man lost. At this point, Ultimo broke through to the surface. The Earth-Mover and Iron Man teamed up to stop the giant being. Unfortunately, Earth-Mover was struck by Ultimo's eye beams. He melted down and has not been seen since. Due to the nature of his powers, he may still be alive.  


Earth-Mover was created by Len Kaminski and Tom Tenney in 1993 and first appeared in Iron Man # 298.

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