Was Earth 2 superman kryptonian?

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The green of Earth 2 referred to him as a 'sun god' which sounds like a great way to reconcile Superman's alien origin with the more mystical aspects of Earth 2.

So was he a kryptonian?

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Earth 2 Power Girl is a Kryptonian and Supes and PG are Cousins so I guess he's Kryptonian.

It'd be interesting if they changed his origin, though, maybe we'll find out in the 0 issue.

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I'm wondering if that was the Green's way of understanding a super strong alien who got his powers from the sun. If he weren't Kryptonian then Power Girl wouldn't be. I could be wrong but in World's Finest have they mentioned kryptonite hurting Power Girl?

Huntress says that Hakkou may have used Kryptonite radiation against her.

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Cool cool. I haven't been reading Worlds Finest.. but if they've said that shes a kryptonian than that must be true. I'm almost a bit disappointed at that, I would love for Superman to have a different origin in this world, and 'sun god' sounds pretty cool

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yup he's kryptonian

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