The New Dark Knight

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In the comic book series Earth 2, a dark knights makes an appearance in their very first annual. For those who are unaware of what Earth-2 is about, it takes place after an invasion where the Wonders, consisting of characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Supergirl, seemingly sacrifice themselves to stop an invasion from Apokolips that was spearheaded by Steppenwolf. The Earth-2 comic book series deals with characters who step up, some reluctantly and some willingly, to fill the power vacuum that formed after the Wonders disappeared. So far, characters like the Green Lantern (based on the original Alan Scott green lantern), Dr. Fate, Flash, and the Atom. And now, there's a new Batman in town. His identity is unknown (much to my angst) but he makes a very dramatic appearance, blasting his way in using a very strange and very un-batman like weapon that shoots red explosive balls. He is also seeming much more ruthless than the Batman we are accustomed to as he executes Mister Icicle, obviously based on Mr.Freeze, with his red ball gun. It also appears that he may know Hawk Girl. This new dark knight seems very capable physically but not as capable as the old Batman as this new one seems semi-dependent on technology, leading me to believe this new Batman may not be one of Bruce Wayne's more physically accustomed proteges like Damien or Dick Grayson but his advanced weaponry suggest that he may be Bane, who is supposedly Earth-2 Batman's brother but i do not have any links, as Bane is a genius and could come up with these weapons design to make for the fact that he may be stronger than his supposed brother but not a skilled or agile but since i know next to nothing about the Bane of Earth-2, it is very hard for me to say. What do you think fellow Earth-2 fans?!

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I'm dropping this book with the addition of Batman. It's not that I hate Bats it's just that this book totally looses it's way once they start having the same characters turn up in both Earth-2 and Earth Prime

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