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Two Stars YEAH Not worth the extra Cash DC

Ok where do I start?

Ok I'll start with the good points we learn more about The Atom, sure he's cool right? I like him in the Earth 2 series, not my favorite character thats got to go with both Flash and Green Lantern. Art is great story is medicore and slow doesn't really show much or progress the story.

But here is why I HATE this damn book.

It is NOT worth your money!!! If it was a normal Issue in Earth 2 it would be fine, but THIS piece of crap? They jack up the price and all the readers of the Earth 2 series bought this to learn about the New Earth 2 Batman NOT The ATOM. Why is THIS ISSUE ABOUT THE ATOM!!!??

DC clearly have scammed me out of a few extra pennies for THIS and didn't give me what I wanted to read. Why give us a Cover and Previews over the net about this new Earth 2 Batman when he's barely in 3 pages of it and the story is about The Atom? We Learn NOTHING about the new Earth 2 Dark Knight NOTHING. You don't know who he is where he got his gadgets where he got his suit his training NOTHING!!!

DC comics are right now at this moment using BATMAN as a selling point even if he's a different universe Batman they are still milking him to buy comics that he's got nothing to do with. Thank you DC for scamming me out of my money.

This is the reason I'm giving this 2 stars Not because it's a bad story no, because they pretty much scammed me out of extra money from me because I wanted to read about this version of Batman and I didn't get what I paid for hell he's on the front cover and he barely appears in this with no explanation he's just there. If they said it was about The Atom and gave us a cover with The Atom on it I'd say fair enough and be surprised to see a new batman in it. but no the say BIG issue with the NEW Batman of earth 2 and he doesn't show....

Sorry for rambling a bit.

Thats all I'm saying

Posted by Kal'smahboi

You shouldn't give this a bad rating just because there wasn't enough Batman. That's misleading to people who may consider reading the story in the future.

Edited by Omega-Man


Misleading (Thats Ironic)? this whole comic was misleading. It was tactics used by DC's Sales to get more people to buy this book because it had Batman on the Cover and the hype around this comic was about the Earth 2 Batman and you obviously didn't read my review. The story isn't in anyway Bad (It's slow and doesn't go anywhere but not terrible) I like Earth 2 I buy it everytime it comes out. But don't tell me it's a chocolate milkshake when it's banana.

If the hype of this book was about The Atom and it had a cover showing the Atom with a small inclusion to say oh Earth 2 Batman is in this, I would have said fair enough. But it's not when the hype is over a Character that barely appears in this. This is a sales pitch for people to buy it because it has Batman on the cover and Batman is the hype of this entire comic over the net yet he isn't in it much and the story isn't even about him.

Posted by Kal'smahboi

@omega_man_: You're response was basically your review again.

All I'm saying is that a year from now, a month from now, whatever, it isn't going to matter how DC advertised the book, what's going to matter is the quality of the book to somebody that hasn't read it yet and might be interested. If you dislike DC's advertising, write a letter to the editor. That's productive. That's not the purpose of this section though. You're supposed to be helping future readers with this review, and they're not going to be interested that you thought there wasn't enough Batman, they're going to wonder if this was a quality book. And, to be fair, they did introduce a new Batman. Would it be any fun if there wasn't any mystery, anyway?

Posted by Kal'smahboi

@omega_man_: Actually, I want to apologize quickly about that last bit. I understand you weren't complaining that there wasn't enough Batman like you were a child or something. You were frustrated that they pulled you in with misleading advertising. I'm sorry to let my emotions get hold of me.

Posted by wmwadeii

@kal_smahboi: @omega_man_: This is why I use a quantitative method when rating comics, the cover and solicit may get a 1 or 2, but then the other items are graded as well. I weight certain things higher like story and art which are the most important part of the medium but this way it gives a better overall number. It's like the two 1 star reviews I saw today for Catwoman Annual #1 - Black Ice and Savage Wolverine #5 - Savage Part 5 they just seemed like haters hating and bring down the overall score if nobody else rates them. Not to say your not right in your review but one item IMO shouldn't weight down a good story. I still haven't read the issue yet so can't really give my opinion on if the cover/solicit is going to ruin my impression yet.

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