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Earth 2 #7

Yildiray Cinar is one of my favorite artist and he kills it in this issue. One of the best pages in this issue is the wordless pages with nothing but Alan Scott and it conveys more emotion then any page in this issue. He draws the characters with emotion and makes all of them look absolutely stunning. The story does a great job at introducing new characters in a way that doesn't feel rushed and is quite enjoyable. This issue is really setting up a Civil War between the World Army. Hawkgirl is also very strong in this issue and we learn that she is a force to be reckoned with. Alan Scott is the character that surprised me the most in this issue because he was really human and you felt for him. The new characters that come into this issue are also super interesting and strong characters that will no doubt be an amazing addition to the Justice Society.  
James Robinson goes through a lot of things in this issue and it really leaves things hanging when they probably could have been answered if we narrowed the story a little, but with a lot of t hings going on, you are more invested.  
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
DC Comics has been struggling in the team book department with the New 52, but recently, they have been picking up and now there are some quite enjoyable ones. This is by far, one of the best ones from the start. We've had more go on in this book then we have in others that have been around twice as long and for that, I thank James Robinson because he really is going all out and plans to gives us this huge story. If you want a good team book, this is one of the best.  
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