starkiller809's Earth 2 #5 - Welcome to the Grey review

Earth 2 #5

Nicola Scott does amazing artwork and I"m glad that she is a book that is this big. The action is just fluid, the facial expressions are fantastic and the whole issue just looks top notch. The coloring in this issue also gives everything a sense of beauty and when inside the World Army Central Command Center things are much darker. The story is still continuing on from where we have been for the past few issues. The use of Solomon Grundy as the main villain is proving to be a better choice then we imagined. The character interaction is already very strong and we can already see that some of the character are going to be clashing with other characters. Seeing Sloan in this issue makes the zero issue have much more relevance. The situation that James Robinson puts Green Lantern and the other members of the teams isn't original, but he somehow pulls it off to where it's enjoyable. 
This series seems like it's way to predictable in this issue. You could see Sam from a few pages away. You knew that the Atom would help them. Almost everything in this issue we saw coming and if feels way to predictable. There is also a lack of originality and that's a shame because there is a whole different word to be explored.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
I like what is happening in this series. There are somethings that I don't quite like 100% but I'm not going to say that I don't have any fun reading. This book has so much action that it's almost impossible not to find yourself enjoying something. If you want to see what else the New 52 has to offer this would be my first suggestion. If you like any of the characters that appear in this issue, then this is something that you are going to want as well. I highly recommend this. 

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