starkiller809's Earth 2 #15 - War Torn review

Review: Earth 2 #15

The Good

The best part of the issue would have to be Nicola Scott's beautiful artwork. Everything she draws, even small panels, feel epic and has so much going on. In this issue she draws tons of action and every punch looks like it hurts. The expressions on the characters are perfect and show tons of emotion. Nicola Scott also has a great sense of where to pose the characters for the best results. James Robinson focuses more on the action in this issue so the story doesn't progress too much until the end. The villains the new wonders face in this issue are well thought out and really appear to be a real threat. Robinson also does a great job at making The Flash come off as a hero trying to save people first before assisting in the fighting. Big Barda and Mr. Miracle reappear in this issue as does Fury. Their conflict is the best story aspect of this issue as it reveals a little bit about the past of the characters and what their goals are.

The Bad

The beginning opens with The Flash not remember anything but then suddenly remembers everything and recaps a fight. This fight might have worked better if it wasn't recapped and we could just watch it unfold. There are also some captions that explain the action and the purpose of these are obvious, they just didn't work. The villains that manage to capture Hawkgirl didn't work either. Perhaps a future issue will show us why they are interesting, but in this issue they fell a little flat. Building a whole new world is difficult and because we're still in the process of fleshing out this earth, characters seem to go missing for periods of time and it you have a favorite you may not see them for awhile.

The Verdict: 3/5 (Good)

We all know James Robinson's run is ending shortly. He had plans for an extended period of time and to have to see them cut short is going to be a huge lose to followers of the book. However, this book still offers tons of action. If you like any of the characters in huge fights, this is something that you are going to want to check out. This isn't a great issue to jump on. I would suggest that you pick up the trades if you want to read this, or wait until Tom Taylor jumps on and see how he builds the world.


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