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Spoilers? Maybe. Probably, just be careful about reading this. So I'm checking out all the villain month titles and now it's on to Desaad a character I know little about who's been a book I haven't heard the best things about. So this should be interesting.

The Good:

Desaad is usually a character who isn't really associated with being powerful so it's interesting to see how far above a normal human he really is here. He completely wipes the floor with just about everyone and the sadistic way he builds his power base is just the right kind of creepy for his character. He actually has a pretty straightforward plan which is always a nice thing when dealing with crazy villains who usually have convoluted schemes. The art is also pretty nice, with the exception of a few silly looking panels.

The Bad:

Honestly there's not much going on here, like most of the villain month titles it's basically just the villain walking around and clearly dominating much weaker fodder and given this is the last villain month comic of the first batch it is starting to wear thin. Desaad's desperation to get home seems sort of random, I suppose it's out fear of death from Darkseid but you'd think he'd put more focus on the world conquering plans than he seems to do here.


This issue was better than I expected, it was a pretty good although it didn't really hype me for Earth 2 all that much. New God fans might want to look into this one as hopefully it will tie into a later overall plot and Earth 2 fans should be checking it out for the same reason.

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