krspacet's Earth 2 #12 - The Tower of Fate, Part 3: The Man Who Was Fate review

Good long tale that does not do for trade

Writing for Trade: writing stories that wrap up in 6 odd issues.

Loved by Marvel, less common in DC.

This is definitely not written for trade.

The story features lengthy overlying plot, that I don't always catch if I don't look here. James Robinson manages to recreate characters who normally would be overshadowed in historic value by the big four old comic golden heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Zoidberg/Captain America

His writing style means that you would not get a truly satisfactory read if you only had one piece, one trade

Might be good for sales.

Probably one of the better non Johns (At his A-game) or Snyder titles out there, give or take Lamar.

And when he plays with long story arcs, he seems to do it better than, another guy

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