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The return of the old guard 0

Basically, if you guys came to see Kon-El, Dick and Donna as the trinity....your not reading the right comic.The comic shows the original three dying, along with the gods and nearly everyone else.A curious note is that Diana's gods are RomanWe see Helena Wayne and Kara-Zor El fly through a portal, and end up in World's FinestBut then we see the rise of some of the Golden Age heroes; Jay, Alan, ect. Now, here is a question. Jay played a role of importance in Blackest Night, if I recall. So......h...

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Seconds the best 0

I don't know what I was expecting when I first heard of Earth 2. Actually, scratch that. I thought it would be basically the basic DCU with a few cast changes and a bit of creative liberty. What drew me in was where this creativity could go.And man, did it go places.Let;s compare it to the obvious: JLA. Now, I say this without an ounce of Hyperbole, this one issue delivered more than the first arc of Justice League of America. I am not joking.One thing it had was weight, a feeling that stakes we...

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Earth 2 #1 0

THE GOOD: Nicola Scott's artwork is the best it's ever been in this issue. It gives the whole world a feeling and the characters she draws in this issue are great as well. The amount of detail she adds on her characters as well like the Parademon's armor looks great from any distance. The story is basically a drastically and better Justice League #1-6. James Robinson manages to gives the characters personalities in the first few panels. I also really like the dialog he is writing in this series ...

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Lay Your Hesitation to Rest 0

Wow.... I was probably one of the most nervous about this series. I trusted Robinson, and held to that amongst the overwhelming naysayers... but the concept seemed too eager to please too diverse a group. Dark and gritty mixed with JSA? BUT LO AND BEHOLD. It is great.This tells the same tale as the first arc of Justice League. Just 100% better.... which isn't saying a whole lot, but is DAMNED true. I FELT THINGS reading this. I choked up at a particularly emotional moment, and felt a stab in my ...

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The end of an era and the start of a new age of heroes 0

The second wave’s biggest book is finally here! James Robinson brings us to the beginning of this alternate world where the changes are already shown since the beginning.The issue starts with the invasion of the parademons leaded by a man known as Steppenwolf who is taking over the planet. Batman and the other two heroes of the trinity finally find a way to stop the invasion as they face the enemy in the remains of metropolis. Both superman and wonder woman face the enemy with their all as they ...

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"Oh My Brave, Wonderful Soldier. Live. For Me." 0

SynopsisThe start of Earth-2 begins with a tragic event five years past...but who is left to pick up the pieces?The GoodI'll admit, I'm a James Robinson fan purely based off his sublime past work on Starman and the current The Shade series so I knew fromthe get-go I'd have to at least give this first issue a try. Well, he does know how to spin a good yarn and the proof is certainly here! What we begin with is the past with the "big three" DC characters (but not as you know them) paving the way f...

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The Epic Begins! 0

Earth-2 is a brilliant first installment for a potentially enthralling series. The boast of the cover, "The Epic Begins!" is fittingly appropriate. This book dares to be a prologue, a world builder and a palette cleanser, expressing everything that a reader needs to know to follow the series without spoiling the book's reserve of potential.The temporary main characters pack the required punch and move the story where it needs to go. The connection to Worlds' Finest is minor, but not wasteful. Th...

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Missing the point 0

The Good:The execution was great. It is a thousand times better than Justice League. Very emotional, good storytelling, awesome art. If you know nothing about Earth-2, you will have a blast.The Bad:The entire concept of rebooting Earth-2 is stupid and lame. Earth-2 was always about staying in continuity with the Golden Age. It was about paying an homage to these original versions of the characters, the ones who originated it all. That is why in both Crisis and Infinite Crisis, the real hero turn...

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Love Earth-2! 0

Earth-Two #1 had everything Justice League #1 lacked; in many ways, this was a much better introductory story. Nicola Scott's art was amazing, and I loved every one of the characters.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Not worth your money 0

Ok where do I start with this book? I actually had high hopes I liked the looks of Wonder Woman and Superman I still didn't like Batman's look in this, sure I know it wasn't the typical Superman Batman and WW book it was all Earth 2 heroes and so on....BBUUTTT as I read this book it was going good I liked the pacing and I loved the art and so on. It was the result of this that I hated. I know alot of reviewers like this book but me? the start was good the ending was bad...REALLLYYY Bad!!!There a...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews EARTH 2 #1 0

I have to start this review by confessing that the DC Multiverse has always held a special place in my heart. The very first comic that I ever purchased, at a small hole-in-the-wall store in Wrigleyville, was "The Flash #305." It was one of many stories that had Barry Allen crossing the gap between realities to meet up with his counterpart from the original 1940s series, Jay Garrick. So from the very outset of my life as a comic book fan I have been well acquainted with DC Comics' history of usi...

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A New Universe that is not afraid to risks 0

Here is my video review for Earth 2 issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video reivew in the comments below:...

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The Epic Begins! 0

The epic begins! Announces the cover of Earth 2 #1 and for once that description is true. This is truly a 5 star comic and IMHO the best thing to come out this month.StoryStraight away the reader is thrown into the adventure that will bring the downfall of three of Earth 2's (and any world's) iconic heroes. The narration is a good touch as is the fact that it is done in the form of a pre-recorded broadcast. Tragic as some of the events of this issue are, these events are just the forerunner of w...

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Twice the Awesomeness 0

I was really excited to pick up this issue, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. It starts out with a bang, and continues to be exciting all the way through. The story was pretty amazing considering that it's only the first issue, and I loved the artwork. I know a lot of people hate the idea of multiple earths, but this just felt right.My one concern is how the story can be continuedSPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are dead, and Huntre...

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Peril Anew 0

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman execute their plan to annihilate the Parademons that took over the world. Meanwhile, a kid with no plan and purpose finds rejuvenation as the Messenger of the Gods pays him a visit.PlusFirst off, the new costumes for our heroes are great and their new look hits the balance of being a nice costume yet not overly flashy that it becomes unpleasant to the eyes. The cover was well drawn and was successful in setting the tone on what this issue had to offer. The artwo...

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What a Way to Start 0

I first want to begin by saying that being relatively new to comics (I started with the new 52) I had no prior knowledge of any of the older incarnations of Earth 2. So I came into this issue with an open mind. And it was very surprising for me. I honestly had no idea that the Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman were going to die. And the fact that Robin and Supergirl left leaving Earth 2 superhero less. But I LOVE that angle. What happens when the heroes are gone? I also like how it s...

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A Strong Start 0

I've been falling behind in my regular rotation lately and I've sadly lost track of most of my regular titles. So I figured I'd start picking up a few new ones and see where they take me. One such title which I've been growing more and more curious about is James Robinson's Earth 2 and as such I decided to pick up the first two issues. So we start with Parademons attacking Earth and a narration box telling us that the planet is in the middle of the Apokolips war. Already you have my attention wi...

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Incredible 0

When I first bought this book, the comic book store owner told me that this books was fantastic and that I will love it, and he was correct. The Story takes place on Earth=2, a war torn parallel earth where the world and its remaining heroes are fighting Steppenwolf, who is the leader of the planet Apokilips(I like this twist instead of Darksied). Steppenwolf and his parademon forces have been at war with earth for years with the worlds army and the remaining heroes Superman, Wonder Woman, Super...

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Earth 2 issue 1 0

The GoodLet me just start off by saying about the art. Its epic. It seriously is great, it gives a whole new world of comic art and the detail on the drawings are magnificent 5/5.Now the story, its like the justice league but much more better also James Robinson gives a truly awesome story 5/5.The BadThere was none.OverallI seriously recommend earth 2 to any reader whether old or new, as you will truly enjoy it 5/5....

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