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Earl Weygand is an astrophysicist at NASA who designed the Voyager III. Contained within it, as all Voyagers, was a message of peace. 
The Voyager III was found by a spaceship that contacted the Earth. They were a peaceful race and planned to come to Earth to visit. Weygand was extremely excited for the arrival of the aliens and thought that this meant that Earth would reach a new technological era. Little did he know, the race he contacted was the Enslavers, and he led them right to Earth.
The Enslavers arrived and captured the entire population of Earth. As a reward for leading them to his planet, Earl was awarded one week of freedom before he bacame a slave by Mrrungo-Mu.
The Silver Surfer knew this and secretly gave Weygand half of his Power Cosmic. Earl saw this as a chance to atone for leading the aliens to Earth. He was able to destroy the important systems on the main ship that gave Mrrungo-Mu his power, but at the cost of his own life.

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