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Cover: Ian Kennedy (Dan Dare)

Back cover poster: Space Fleet Target Simulator (part 3 of 3) for use with the free gift potato gun given away with issue 79.

  • Manix - The Hitler File (part 3) (Alan Grant - Carmona)
  • The Fists of Danny Pyke (part 3) (John Wagner - John Burns)
  • The Amstor Computer - They Were Caught With The Boot On! (Chris Lowder - John Cooper)
  • Walk or Die (part 18) (Scott Goodall - Escolano)
  • Dan Dare - The Battle for Earth (part 8) (Pat Mills - Ian Kennedy)
  • One-Eyed Jack (part 14) (John Wagner - John Cooper)
  • Crowe Street Comp. (part 33) (Fred Baker - Rex Archer)
  • Doomlord - Deathlords of Nox (part 3) (Alan Grant - Heinzl)
  • The Hand (part 12) (Gerry Finley-Day - Vanyo)

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