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This issue sees the final episodes of Avenger (Ultra-Man is finally defeated and Avenger decides it's time to put his vigilante ways behind him) and MACH 1 (John Probe is killed saving his alien friend and the MACH project is closed).

Cover: Avenger/Ultra-Man (Mike Western)

  • Doomlord - Evil Earth (part 13) (Alan Grant - Eric Bradbury)
  • Avenger (part 26 - final part) (Tom Tully - Mike Western)
  • MACH 1 - The Final Encounter (part 4 - final part) (reprint from 2000ad) (Pat Mills - Montero)
  • Dan Dare - Galactic Marshal (part 17) (Tom Tully - Carlos Cruz)
  • Death Wish - The Incredible Shrinking Blake (part 7) (Barrie Tomlinson - Vanyo)
  • Survival (part 26) (Barrie Tomlinson - Jose Ortiz)
  • Computer Warrior - Metrocross (part 4 - final part) (John Wagner - Robin Smith)

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