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The first merged issue of Eagle and Scream.

Two Scream stories join the Eagle line-up (Monster and Thirteenth Floor) - which both continue where they left off at the end of Scream issue 15. There's a 'story so far...' page for both stories.

The Scream logo appears on the cover for 26 issues (128-153), before being removed just before Tiger merged with Eagle in issue 159.

Cover: Carlos Cruz (Dan Dare)

  • Doomlord - The Populators of Pollux (part 1) (Alan Grant - Eric Bradbury)
  • The Fists of Danny Pyke (part 47) (John Wagner - John Burns)
  • Monster (part 16) (John Wagner (writing as R.Clark) - Jesus Redondo)
  • Amstor Computer - Listen Carefully... (B.Burrell - J.Vernon)
  • Dan Dare - Renagol (part 12) (Carlos Cruz)
  • Thirteenth Floor (part 16) (John Wagner/Alan Grant - Jose Ortiz)
  • Manix - The Oracle Quest (part 5) (Scott Goodall - Carmona)
  • The Brothers (part 30 - final part) (Scott Goodall - Vanyo)

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