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This comic is a reprint of the original Charlton Book.  Modern Comics Reprinted many Charlton issues page for page.  Sometimes the art is a little different sometimes even a crisper image.

The Energy Crisis! & The Battery!  

 The E-Man Story
Spoiler Alert

This two part story starts with the abduction of Rosie Rhedd.  She is abducted walking with her friend and Nova Kane who tries to get E-Man to help her.  E-Man can't help her because there is an energy crisis in New York City and E-Man is forced to help the many over the one.  Nova instead seeks the help of a Private Investigator known as Mike Mauser.  Mike will become an important character in the E-Man story Arch, but in this story he tries to help Nova only to be abducted with her.
Just before Nova is abducted she calls E-Man.  This time he jumps to her aide but is too late.  He follows clues and is captured by Battery who absorbs his energy.  Battery takes E-Man to his Boss Mr. Boar.  Mr. Boar is a very rich man who has been kidnapping people to drain their life force and turning them into power to run his home.  This of course kills them.  E-Man is able to stop both the Battery and Mr. Boar and save the lives of the current victims that were being held by Mr. Boar.
On the last panel of the Book E-man gives a public service announcement to save energy.  This is a personal plea from the character to the reader.  After this panel is the new story. 

Travis in the Dragon Killer

Spoiler Alert
is a young boy born while traveling with his parents.  One day his parent leave him and tell him to stay with an android called Anacrom.  Anacrom and Travis stay together for days until it is clear his parents were never coming back.  Anacrom then raises him into a young man.  Travis then grows up and becomes the commander of Anacrom and on his first mission instead of finding his parents in the past or trying to find out what h append to him he goes back to the Jurassic era.  There he inexplicably runs into two more time travelers who accidentally let a Tyrannosaurs go to the future in the Middle ages.  Travis follows the dinosaur and defeats it before kills a young princes.  The princess believes he is a magician and he takes her home to her castle.  This is where the story ends.

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