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The artificial intelligence EDI was originally created by Cerberus and installed on the Normandy SR-2 to act as a guide and also the eyes and ears of the Illusive Man without any direct access to the ship's systems due to the potential dangers of having an unshackled AI on board. When interacting with EDI at this stage she would typically be represented by a soft female voice and sometimes a small holographic visual representation resembling an eye on top of a stalk made entirely out of blue light. At this point she would often be found squabbling about things with Joker who didn't like having an AI aboard assisting in his work.

At a later date when the Normandy travels to Mars in search of ways to help fight the reapers they end up chasing after and fighting a cybernetic woman called Eva Core who supposedly works for Cerberus, after she is defeated and her body stored on the Normandy, EDI secretly works on a way to transfer part of herself into the now dormant body, eventually she succeed's which enables her to join the crew physically in fighting the reaper's in her brand new humanoid body. While her body is fully aware and contains most of EDI's personality she simultaneously has the same degree of control of the Normandy as she did before. At this stage she also starts developing a romantic relationship with Joker.


EDI was created in 2010 by Bioware as a character for their popular RPG series Mass Effect.

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